Pablo Cadenas, percussionist
Image © Jillian Mundy Photography

Pablo Cadenas


Pablo Cadenas, born in Xalapa, Mexico, has been residing in Australia for a year and a half. He pursued a degree in Percussion in his hometown, cultivating a robust musical foundation and a passion for rhythms and sounds.

In Mexico, Pablo excelled in various musical projects, including symphony orchestras, chamber music, and popular music groups. While his favorite instrument is the drums, he frequently plays an electronic percussion keyboard in orchestral settings. His musical influences are diverse, with a particular love for rock and Latin jazz. He admires Michel Camilo, the virtuoso Cuban pianist and composer, and draws significant inspiration from vibraphone icons Gary Burton and Milt Jackson.

Now based in Tasmania, Pablo is actively involved in multiple musical endeavors. He plays with the Derwent Symphony Orchestra, the Latin music group “Kattleya,” and the symphonic rock band “Purple Passion.” His participation in these groups highlights his versatility and commitment to his craft. Performing with the LAO has been especially meaningful, offering him creative freedom and a deep bond with fellow musicians.

Pablo continues to explore new musical frontiers, contributing richly to the cultural landscape of his Tasmanian community. His role as a versatile and passionate percussionist ensures his impact on the local music scene remains significant.