What we Do

We make improvised, genre-bending music. 

We work collaboratively and democratically in building our repertoire and program. 

We build capacity and experience through workshops, rehearsals and performances and in bringing the LAO to our audience. 

We respect and recognise the true history of Lutruwita through collaboration and deeply embedded partnerships with Palawa artists, Elders, groups and organisations. 

We develop culturally relevant and unique content, and we collaborate with artists in other mediums to perform and present these to our audience. 

We provide opportunities for our diverse members to practice and develop their artistry in a safe space where risk, challenge and failure is accepted and expected as a journey to individual and collective cultural health, and the potential for musical epiphanies. 



Create, perform, record and publish original music that draws on the diverse experience of our members, through collaboration, experimentation, and improvisation.  


Commission, produce, research, mentor, build capacity, and encourage cross-disciplinary engagement as part of our broad creative output.  


Respect each other’s cultures and differences through a commitment to democracy, intersectionality, deep listening and working towards outstanding outcomes.